Virgo 2019 Horoscope Predictions

Virgo Horoscope 2019 YHO

Virgo 2019 Horoscope Predictions

2019 Is a year of positive and new beginnings for Virgo natives as the ruler of Virgo mercury is
positioned at its best place. Natives of Virgo will start new ventures and progress in them. Artists will
get recognition. Media & Broadcast professionals will see a positive change in their approach
towards life. Students will be full of energy and work towards achieving their goals. Sportsperson will
also taste success in their competition.
Love & relationship will be at a rise and will fall in the correct space. You may enter into a deep
wanderlust zone as things will be better for you this year. Health needs to be taken care of as there
may be problems related to acidity and stomach ache , eat well and right food.

Here are few remedies that can help your achieve and fulfil your dreams in 2019

1 – Brush your teeth with Alum every Wednesday.
2 – Feed birds mainly sparrow & crow as they represent Mercury & Ketu.
3 – Before starting any important conversation gulp a little water.
4 – Eat Saunf , before going to bed.
5 – Drink water in Silver glass.
6 – Stop consumption of Meat & Wine.
7 – Take Blessings from Transgender and Eunuchs , do not hurt their sentiments.

Lucky Number – 6
Lucky Color – Green
Lucky Day – Wednesday


All the remedies and predictions based on Vedic & Ancient astrology recorded by sages. Since God is
bigger than planets chanting God’s name and doing noble deeds will help you and your family from
any mishap’s in life.
Do not fall into prey of greedy Astrologers and Black Magicians as they are here to fraud you and
take away your money , believe in yourself and think positive.
I will personally wish & pray God about you and your family wellbeing and progress.

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