Scorpio 2019 Horoscope Predictions

SCORPIO Horoscope 2019 YHO

Scorpio 2019 Horoscope Predictions

2019 is a year of connections for Scorpio natives. “If there is a will , there is a way” an old quote but
will prove to be the key for Scorpio natives in 2019 , You will have to work hard this year to achieve
your Goal. Nothing comes in a platter and easily , you will have to leave the lazy attitude and show
aggression in 2019 to complete goals.
Health of Natives of Scorpio will be good and sound. There can be few complaints of joint ache and
migraine but with meditation and proper care you can overcome heath related ailments. Those
suffering from heart and respiratory issues will gain relief as Mercury the ruler of Scorpio rules chest.
Love and relationships on other hand will improve. You will come closer to your mother and find
something very interesting about your existence. If you are seeking love , love will seek you and find
you this year. Those who are in a relationship can now make it official and proceed towards next
Finance will be better than 2018 and there can be new money making opportunities , Past
investments , stocks and mutual funds will also give good returns by end of 2019. Do not invest in
new business this year and try to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Here are few Remedies that can help you achieve the best results of this period
1 – Do not Lie.
2 – Wear Ornaments of Gold.
3 – Donate Red things on Tuesday.
4 – Offer red flowers in flowing water.
5 – Keep a coconut under your bed.
6 – Never ever kill a snake or any reptile.

Lucky Color – Red
Lucky Number – 9
Lucky Day – Tuesday

All the remedies and predictions based on Vedic & Ancient astrology recorded by sages. Since God is
bigger than planets chanting God’s name and doing noble deeds will help you and your family from
any mishap’s in life.
Do not fall into prey of greedy Astrologers and Black Magicians as they are here to fraud you and
take away your money , believe in yourself and think positive.
I will personally wish & pray God about you and your family wellbeing and progress.

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