Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope Predictions

Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope Predictions

Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope Predictions.

It’s a exciting year for Sagittarius native , after the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio last year things are
going to be wonderful for Jupiter natives as it will take right degree by mid 2019 and move into own
sign Sagittarius. In a wake of other events mostly marriage and property buying is on the cards.
For kids education conditions will improve , there will be a possibility of scholarships for teachers as
Jupiter is the ruler of the profession , you will taste success in all your undertakings. There are
chances of promotion and job change as Jupiter’s current placement in scorpio can make you little
aggressive than usual.
Finances will also improve as some of the natives will move to become entrepreneurs from jobs ,
this will happen post October when Jupiter is ready to transit in own sign. You may also be able to
finish your debts and loans and can enter into profitable ventures. You need to be careful of
cheaters during this period and make sure you invest with utmost care.
Health will be ok and you may also get rid of prolonged illness. Travel is also on the cards a
pilgrimage or a spiritual travel can happen. This will give you peace and major satisfaction during this
period. Natives planning for children can also taste success.
In other words 2019 is a full action packed winning year for Sagittarius Natives.

Here are 5 Remedies that can help you achieve the best results of a favorable period.

1 – Put a pinch of turmeric in bathing water.
2 – Donate Tur Dal in a religious centre near you.
3 – Observe fast on Thursdays.
4 – Wear a Pukhraj ( Yellow Sapphire ) only after consultation with a renowned and trustworthy
5 – Keep your house clean and donate all unwanted clothes and furniture.

Lucky Color – Yellow
Lucky Number – 3
Lucky Day – Thursday

Disclaimer – All the remedies and predictions based on Vedic & Ancient astrology recorded by sages.
Since God is bigger than planets chanting God’s name and doing noble deeds will help you and your
family from any mishap’s in life.
Do not fall into prey of greedy Astrologers and Black Magicians as they are here to fraud you and
take away your money , believe in yourself and think positive.
I will personally wish & pray God about you and your family wellbeing and progress.

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