Miracle or Science – Benefits of Rudraksha


Have you noticed Hindu Saints and priests wearing some beads around their neck , What are those? Why does everyone wear that ? Does it has any significance with any energy or occult?

Here is the answer to all your questions

Rudraksha or Rudraksha Beads originated in ancient India , according to Indian Mythology it is considered sacred and auspicious.

Story behind the origin of Rudraksha

Lord Shiva is considered the Supreme according to Indian Mythology , Once when he finished mediating for nearly couple of decades and  opened his eye , a drop of his tear fell on the ground and then originated the Rudraksha. In many popular beliefs there are many stories related to the mystic powers of Rudraksha. I would like to share 5 Super Proven facts of Sacred Rudraksha in this article.


1 – Positive Energy Emitter

According to a Research by Florida International University the energy emitted from Rudraksha is Magnetic in nature which helps us to convert our basic energy into positive energy with exceptional healing properties both internal and external.

2 – Anyone can wear

Rudraksha come in many shapes and sizes , most common is a 5 faced Rudraksha, its suppose to have mystic powers and can channelize body’s energy , repair hormonal imbalance and it can be worn by anyone in Silver only.

3 – Medicinal Value

In Ayurveda Rudraksha is used to treat more than 100 dangerous diseases , by just wearing sacred Rudraksha you can treat High Blood pressure , Neurological Disorders , Hypertension , Diabetes , kidney and liver related diseases.

4 – Evil Eye

After wearing a Rudraksha be rest assured that you will never ever be a victim of evil eye , your concentration towards  spirituality will increase and you may soon be able to find your purpose of life.

5 – Friend for life

Its said and believed by sages and saints , that Rudraksha is a guide , A wearer of Rudraksha will never ever wander from his goal , he will never be misguided , he will always be put in the righ path no matter what circumstances.


How to wear a Rudraksha ?

Most recommended Rudraksha is a 5 faced Rudraksha.

It should be worn around your neck near to your heart.

54 Bead count is ideal for wearing around the neck.

Beads should be sewn with silver .

It should be worn in Shukla Paksha of Monday between 6am to 9am.

It should be washed in Cows urine , Holy water and  unboiled Milk.


Precautions of wearing Rudraksha for 100% results.

A wearer should never ever indulge in physical intimacy or intercourse while wearing it.

He should not consume wine and meat.

He should avoid going to a cremation ground while wearing the rudraksha.


I hope above information is adequate to know the mystic powers of Rudraksha , If you have any questions ask below I will be very happy to help. If you are looking to buy genuine Rudraksha beads get in touch with us by Clicking Here.


“May There be Bliss for everyone”




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