Leo 2019 Horoscope Predictions

LEO Horoscope 2019 YHO

Leo Horoscope Predictions for 2019.

Natives of Leo will be very comfortable as they will get a upper hand and less impact of Rahu transit.
Though 2019 will only give average results to the natives, but there is a ray of hope for many
professions associated with Leo. Sun is the ruler of Leo & also ruler of our soul. This year is the year
of spirituality and enlightenment for Leo natives.
Mostly Leo natives are in the field of Medical , Astrology , Teachers etc basically Leo natives are
service providers , all the natives related to these fields will grow and learn something now , there
are possibility of higher learning or education. Natives this year can also indulge in occult and
unethical practices its better to avoid any such opportunity as this may lead to depression.
Natives waiting for promotions will be fortunate and will taste success. There will also be instances
that you may get into a quarrel with opposite sex , please avoid that as it may lead to defame and
will affect your name in society. Leo are aggressive and they should be as calm as possible and only
use their energy in the right direction.

Here are few remedies that will make sure you taste success and remove obstacles.

1 – Pray to the sun , water the sun regularly.
2 – Feed Sugar to Ants , also put Sugar near the roots of a Banyan tree.
3 – Do not be lazy on a Sunday and try to make Sunday as productive as you can.
4 – Take blessings from elder by helping them in any possible way.
5 – Bath with adding a little rose water your water.
6 – Wear Gold Earing’s if female and if male wear a gold ring.

Lucky Color – Orange
Lucky Number – 1
Lucky Day – Sunday

All the remedies and predictions based on Vedic & Ancient astrology recorded by sages. Since God is
bigger than planets chanting God’s name and doing noble deeds will help you and your family from
any mishap’s in life.
Do not fall into prey of greedy Astrologers and Black Magicians as they are here to fraud you and
take away your money , believe in yourself and think positive.
I will personally wish & pray God about you and your family wellbeing and progress.

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