Capricorn 2019 Horoscope Predictions

Capricorn 2019 Horoscope Predictions

Capricorn 2019 Horoscope Predictions

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and it totally depends on Saturn’s position that how and
what benefits will be natives of Capricorn get. Well 2019 first half is very average for Capricorn
natives but after 1 st May 2019 you will be in a very comfortable state of mind. There will be growth
in Industry related to Machinery, Coal Mining , Diamond & Metal production. Since Saturn plays a
role of Judge there may be many important pending verdicts in courts.

Finance for Capricorn natives will be above average, since mentioned earlier finances will start
growing from May 2019 , You can invest in computer and electronics as you can gain a lot from that.
Those who are thinking of buying a new phone or television it’s the right time for you. There will be
unexpected gains for businesses related to technology.

Health on the other hand will improve , you will start feeling better if you are facing stomach
troubles and all the natives with eye trouble will feel relaxed. The mantra for good heath is YOGA ,
practice yoga and you will feel extremely healthy.

There will be many opportunities for travel in this period , more will be business related so make the
most of it as all the travel plans will be fruitful.

Here are 5 Remedies that can help you achieve the best results of a favourable period.

1 – Wear a Iron ring in middle finger.
2 – Donate Black Dal in a religious centre near you.
3 – Observe fast on Saturdays.
4 – Avoid Meat & Liquor as Saturn is very possessive about giving results.
5 – Wear Black clothes as much as possible as its Saturn’s favourite colour.

Lucky Color – Black , Blue
Lucky Number – 8
Lucky Day – Saturday

Disclaimer – All the remedies and predictions based on Vedic & Ancient astrology recorded by sages.
Since God is bigger than planets chanting God’s name and doing noble deeds will help you and your
family from any mishap’s in life.
Do not fall into prey of greedy Astrologers and Black Magicians as they are here to fraud you and
take away your money , believe in yourself and think positive.
I will personally wish & pray God about you and your family wellbeing and progress.

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